seben Lingala rhumba beats

Download Best latest and updated seben lingala Beats and styles also known as piano styles. Our library collection includes Praise and worship and tons of local African Congolese made urban sty files.

These styles and beats are best for crusades, church functions, live events and even music production.

seben Lingala rhumba beats
Seben, lingala beats for yamaha psr keyboard

Players can take advantage of our wide selection of regional, ethnic and traditional Voices and Styles, Including:-

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Our library’s best collection that suits any Yamaha Psr Keyboard user are categorised into.

  1. Lingala keyboard style beats Download
  2. Rhumba keyboard style beats Download
  3. Seben keyboard style beats Download
  4. Salsa keyboard style beats Download
  5. Soukous keyboard style beats Download
  6. Chakacha keyboard style beats Download
  7. Afro Beat keyboard style beats Download
  8. Worship keyboard style beats Download
  9. Reggae keyboard style beats Download
  10. Happy Reggae keyboard style beats Download
  11. Ballad keyboard style beats Download
  12. Afro Pop keyboard style beats Download
  13. Naija Beats keyboard style beats Download
  14. Indian Beats keyboard style beats Download
  15. Congo Beats keyboard style beats Download
  16. Wisdom beats keyboard style beats Download
  17. Love Beats keyboard style beats Download
  18. luhya beats
  19. Modern funk,jazz, electro, pop and hiphop
  20. Bollywood keyboard style beats Download
  21. South Africa keyboard style beats Download
  22. Taarab keyboard style beats Download
  23. Kikuyu Piano Beats keyboard style beats Download
  24. Luo Modernized  keyboard style beats Download
  25. Traditional Beats (Luhya,Kikuyu,Luo and many more

How to get Beats-Styles in Kenya

  1. Go to M-pesa & Choose Send money
  2. Enter phone number 0790453257
  3. Enter Ksh 500/= as the amount
  4. Enter your pin and send
  5. Enter your payment details below and Download.

How to get Piano-Keyboard beats in Uganda

  1. Go to Your Simcard Toolkit
  2. Choose send money International transfers
  3. Select Safaricom Mpesa – Kenya
  4. Enter phone number +254790453257
  5. Enter Ksh 21000 UGX as the amount
  6. Enter your pin and send
  7. Enter the transaction code plus email in below box to get the beats

How to get piano keyboard beats in Tanzania

  1. Dial *150*00# Using vodacom line Or any simcard
  2. Select “1” Send Money
  3. Select “3” International Transfers
  4. Select “1” M-Pesa Kenya
  5. Enter phone number +254790453257
  6. Enter amount 14,000. in Tanzania shillings:
  7. Enter reason ( Family, Business or School fees)
  8. Choose Business
  9. Enter your PIN and Send
  10. Enter your email plus th transaction code/message to download the beats.

Download Keyboard beats (All Package)

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Download Keyboard beats via paypal

It takes lots of time and hard work to create these styles for that we charge you only 5 USD via paypal for hosting these files. After donating, you will be redirected to the download page.

Download Lingala, Seben, Rhumba, reggae praise and worship beats and styles  for yamaha Psr keyboard Piano
Seben, lingala beats for psr E 463

Where to get seben lingala praise and worship beats.

We already have updated African seben lingala praise and worship beats here ready for download. How to get them? Make a donation of 5usd via PayPal to get the direct download link. For those who don’t have PayPal accounts use mpesa.

African users can use mpesa to receive keyboard beats/styles through WhatsApp or Email.  Send 500/- ksh to +254 790 453 257 plus your email or Whatsapp (Also chart to us via whatsapp)

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Remember those who use direct phone payments should sent their email address or whatsapp number on a different massage. All our piano/keyboard beats have been tested and works for yamaha psr pianos Psr E463 to Psr 2100 and above.

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Best Praise and worship, seben, lingala, rhumba, reggae and many African  beats and styles (sty files) for yamaha Psr Keyboards, Casio and org Pianos.
Seben, lingala beats for Yamaha psr 670

Screenshot taken from various m- pesa users

  • 20200224 221217
  • 20200224 221320
  • 20200224 221503
  • 20200224 221411
  • 20200224 221658
  • 20200224 221603
  • 20200224 222335
  • 20200224 221836
  • 20200224 224312

Now: We send unzipped (ready for use) plus the zipped beats due to demand rise.

Reminder: For keyboard PSR 670 and below make sure to copy these files directly to the root folder of your flash drive (flashdisk) that’s don’t copy in a folder for your piano to read. For PSR 670 and above you can copy to any folder.

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20200224 222335
Seben styles

How to install downloaded seben lingala keyboard beats – sty files on your piano.

If you have already downloaded our best rated lingala, seben keyboard beats/ sty and ready to install on piano follow the following procedure.

Download our best original portable piano beats from our website

Copy to your flashdrive.

If you have downloaded zipped files. Make sure to unzipp using unzipping apps on play store or use a computer and transfer to the flashdrive or memory card.

For Yamaha psr 670 and below users make sure you copy the downloaded sty files directly to the root folder of your flash drive For your keyboard to easily detect the files

For Yamaha Psr 670 and above insert the flash drive and navigate to the folder which you saved your files.

If you are still unable to load the beats to your piano. Kindly leave your comment below. I will help you.

You can watch the video on how to load piano beats here ?LINK?

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