How to unlock dtv channels on smart tv

The DTV channels on smart Tvs are digital tv programs that comes pre-installed on all smart tv. If you own a smart tv then you are familiar. The smart tv gives you complete control over how you watch and program your favorite shows but sadly you can only acces local channels on smart tvs. For example, international plus other channels are locked and in this tutorial i will show you how you will be able to unlock dtv channels on smart tv.

You can do this by downloading smart tv unlocking firmware files and applying the right settings to see your tool working for you.

Unlocking dtv channels on smart tv gives you the following advantages;

  • Unlimited watch
  • Access to all sports channels
  • Access to all news channels
  • Unlimited access to entertainment and documentary channels
  • No worry about monthly renewals

So as promised earlier in this post, am going to show the latest and simplest way to unlock dtv channels on smart tv. Unlocking dtv channels on smart tv needs a premium tool, the dtb firmware which can be downloaded here.

How to unlock dtv channels on smart tv

Steps to unlock dtv channels on smart tv

If you’ve purchased a premium dtb firmware file, you’ll need to use the upload method from your usb flash to install your file.

  1. To start, download the unscrambler file you purchased from the file marketplace or company you bought it from.
  2. Save the downloaded zip file to your computer
  3. Next, if the file is zipped you will need to extract its contents
  4. Copy the bin file to usb or external drive
  5. Now in the smart tv settings you will need to update your tv using the bin file.

That is all!


Unlocking dtv channels on smart tv is a simple task and can only be achieved if you have the unscrambler file. The bin file is responsible in decrypting locked signals on smart tvs giving you unlimited access to all channels.

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