Nairobi woman killer

This video shows a woman from Nairobi Kitengela brutally stabbing her 2 year old baby girl to death and eating her intestines after separating from child’s father. If you are emotionally prepared, I strongly advice you not to watch this video.

It is a heartbreaking tragic display of violence and may be one of the most distressing things you will see in a while.

Warning, the following content may contain elements that are not suitable for some audiences.

Accordingly, viewer discretion is advised.

Homicide detectives will need to determine whether Olivia premeditated the murder of her toddler or acted out of rage caused by a depression spell. Premeditated murder, also known as first-degree murder, is the deliberate and planned killing of another person with malice aforethought. It involves a situation where the perpetrator plans or thinks about the murder in advance and then carries out the act with a clear intention to kill. To prove premeditated murder, the prosecution must show that the accused had a specific intent to kill the victim, planned and thought out the killing ahead of time, and made a deliberate and conscious decision to commit the murder.

Based on the video evidence, it appears to be a premeditated murder. Olivia took her time, even timing when she was alone with the victim as her parents were away. She locked the doors to prevent anyone from intervening, and she threw things around the sitting room to attract the attention of her neighbors. Moments before stabbing the child, Olivia sat on the sofa singing while the child cried out to her. She then threw the child on the ground and proceeded to stab her over 100 times. One stab may be considered accidental, but 100 times clearly shows the intent to kill.

Also notable is the fact that the murder weapon, a knife, which ordinarily would have been in the kitchen but she was holding it all through on the sofa. (Viewer Discretion Advised;

While Olivia may have been going through something, premeditated murder is considered one of the most serious crimes, and the penalties can be severe, including imprisonment or even death sentence.

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