Thief who brandished a toy pistol attacked by a security guard

A man who brandished a toy pistol and attacked a security guard as he tried to gain access to a club in Kajiado, is currently fighting for his life in hospital, after irate guards descended on him leaving him with life threatening injuries.

Joshua Kalama, 29, made the miscalculated move early today morning, after a security guard at square bar in Kajiado stopped him on his tracks, as he tried to gain entry to the club. Infuriated by the move, Joshua reached for what appeared to be a pistol, holstered on his waist.

Thief who brandished a toy pistol attacked by a security guard

He pointed it at the shaken but well built guard, Cleophas Otieno and ordered him out of his way. Otieno almost gave in to his demands but when the damned ‘pistol’ failed to fire, the guard swiftly pinned him to the ground and raised alarm attracting a dozen security guards, manning different establishments within the town.

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They descended on the thug with kicks, blows and all manner of available projectiles, leaving him writhing in pain on the ground.

Had police officers based in Kajiado not intervened in time, Joshua Kalama would have met his creator prematurely, for threatening the life of a security guard with a firearm which which turned out to be a plastic toy pistol.

He shall be arraigned in court to answer to charges of attempted robbery with violence contrary to section 295 as read with 297 (2) of the penal code.

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