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Are you planning to visit, stay or invest in Africa? whatever the reason, it is factual that Africa is the second largest continent in the world after Asia, Africa covers about one-fifth of the total land surface of Earth. Conventionally there are five main geographical regions or subregions in Africa:

  1. North Africa
  2. West Africa
  3. Central Africa
  4. East Africa
  5. Southern Africa

With Africa’s largest city being Kinshasa, Here are useful facts and insights about African countries and their characteristics

The most Richest city in Africa

Johannesburg ??

The cleanest city in Africa

Kigali , Rwanda ??

Most beautiful city in Africa

cape town ??

Best places to move to in Africa

cape town ??

Most visited city in Africa

johannesburg ??

The most developed city in Africa

Cape town ??

Africa’s leading destination(travel) city

Cape town ??

What is Africa’s top prime city

Nairobi ??

Africa’s leading business destination

Nairobi ??

The highest capital city (located in highlands)

Addis Ababa ??

The most livable City in Africa

Port Louis ??

The fastest growing city in Africa

Accra ??

The most expensive city for Foreigners in Africa

Bangui ??

The most peaceful city in Africa

Gaborone ??

Most dangerous city in Africa

Rustenburg ??

The most populated city in Africa

Lagos ??

Most polluted city( air Quality) in Africa

Ndjamena ??

Most polluted city ( land pollution)

Onitsha ??

City with more millionaires in Africa

Johannesburg ??

The Commercial Capital of Africa (AfCFTA)

Accra ??

Most world know city in Africa

Johannesburg ??

Most decorated/colourful city in Africa

Casablanca ??

City with lot of skyscrapers in Africa

johannesburg ??

Richest with history city in Africa

Cairo ??

Safest city in Africa

Kigali ??

The Most innovated city in Africa

Nairobi Kenya ??

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