Man attacked and killed by woman’s ex BF after visiting Girlfriend

A man who had gone to visit his lover this morning lost his life after he was attacked by another man believed to be the woman’s ex boyfriend.

John Tagei, 34, had been ushered by Loise Kanini to her house at around 7am, immediately after Kanini’s son left for school. After a while, Kanini noticed that her son had left his keys at home.

She went after him leaving Tagei in the house. On her way back, she met her ex boyfriend Joseph Macharia, 33, who stopped her and demanded to know why she had hosted another man in her house.

Kanini retorted that following their breakup, she had moved on with her life and the man inside her house had since taken her heart captive. This made Macharia so enraged that he stormed Kanini’s house with fury and attacked Tagei, who had already made himself comfortable.

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What followed was a confrontation that turned ugly, leaving Tagei with life threatening injuries. He was rushed to Wangige level IV hospital in critical condition by Kanini and other well-wishers.

Man attacked and killed by woman's ex BF

However his condition worsened and he was transferred to PCEA Thogoto hospital where unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries. Crime scene detectives documented the scene as their Kabete based counterparts launched a manhunt for Macharia, to answer to murder charges.

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