unlocking channels on smart Tv

In this tutorial, we will show you how to unlock locked channels on smart TV in order to stream all premium programs.

When you buy a new smart tv set, one of your goals is to enjoy unlimited entertainment that comes pre installed through a number of tv channels. Fortunately, you will find that almost all tv channels are locked. You will only be able to watch local channels that are available in your country.

In this post, i will share a trick and a tool that will assists you in unlocking channels on smart Tv to receive maximum international channels and entertainment by giving you strategic recommendations based on your preferences. If you follow all the recommendations, then your smart tv will be completely unlocked.

The ultimate guide and Steps on how to unlock locked channels on smart TV

The process to unlock locked channels on smart TV begins when you download the dtb firmware aka unscrambler firmware. That is why all the tools for unlocking channels on smart Tv have been placed on this post. To see all the tools available, visit the file’s download category.

The steps to unlock locked channels on smart TV

  • Download the unscramber file/Dtb firmware latest version
  • Make sure you transfer the downloaded file to flash drive
  • If you downloaded the zip, make sure to extract the file contents
  • Copy only the .bin file to flash’s root directory
  • Now on your smart tv go to Settings>Software update>Update from usb
  • You will confirm all the prompts and wait for your tv to start the unlocking
  • Done!


That’s the entire process of unlocking locked channels on smart TV. The process might seem overwhelming and complicated to you, but let us assure you, it is not. Everything that you do for the first time is tough. We promise that the process becomes easier each time you do it, and after you’ve done it a few times, it will start becoming second nature, and you’ll start doing it unconsciously.

Think of this process as learning to drive a car. When you started, you had to think about all the things consciously. But, once you learn it, your brain does everything on autopilot. Unlocking locked channels on smart TV is no different.

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