How to hack phone password without erasing data

Unlock any phone password without losing data on any android phone.

How to hack pattern lock without losing data and without using unlock pattern on android phone. With this trick it is possible to hack pattern lock without losing data. This is applicable If you forgot your android lockscreen password or pattern, this Now we can share, unlock it with following simple steps.

hack phone password without erasing data
hack phone password without erasing data

Method 1:

How to Unlock Android Pattern with Google Account Username & password

If pattern was wrong 5 times and then it locked, now you can see the new option to emergency call on your lock screen Forgot Pattern.

  • Click on the Forgot Pattern option on your device.
  • Now the new screen will displays where you have to enter Google account ID and password to unlock the pattern of your mobile.
  • Now enter you Google login and password details to unlock your device from Pattern unlock. Even if Data connection or Wi-Fi isn’t enabled on device, no need to worry. Just fill up the details and your mobile device will be unlocked. This happens because device stores account details offline.

Method 2:

Unlock Pattern without Google Account

Here is the other option for those users who didn’t use Google Account on Android. You can do this easily with Factory reset.
Note: with Factory reset option will delete all your settings and apps on your phone, SD card data will be preserve so worry not.

If your Phone have the physical Home button: – Power of the device, after that Press Volume UP+Home+Power button at a time until the phones logo screen is displayed. When the phone’s logo screen is displayed, release the Power button but continue holding the Volume + home button until the Android System Recovery menu is displayed.

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Phone Without Physical Home button :- Power off the device, press and hold the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons together until the green Android icon pops-up on the screen.
With this way you can enter in to the recovery mode of your android device. Now select the wipe data/factory reset option. Moving the selection up and down is done with the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Once you have the wipe data/factory reset option highlighted, you select it by touching the Home button or Power Button (Depend on the device).

This process will take some time after that select reboot system now. That’s it now you done. You phone will now reboot back into normal mode.

method 3:(may/mayn’t work)For many, many users providing the username and password won’t change a thing. For some people changing the password via a computer has worked but that is uncommon. Most people ends up with a very expensive paperweight. Have no fear, there are solutions to almost everything!


Some workarounds to try before reading ahead:

1. try entering null as password. (together with your google username)

2. try entering your username without

3. Combine 1 and 2

4. Call yourself from another phone, answer, without hanging up press the home button, then menu button, settings, try to disable pattern-lock

5. Call yourself from another phone, answer, hang-up, directly after hanging up start pressing your buttons like a madman for <30-60 seconds ending with your home button (might take a while to get the timing right). Go into settings and disable pattern-lock.

6.  Try the normal recover password routine from and start over from 1.

7. Perform a factory reset. YOU WILL LOOSE all not-synced DATA (SD card will be left untouched).1-6 are possible workarounds, these doesn’t work for everyone but can be worth a try to avoid factory reset. 6. is what should work but hardly never does. 7 – The factory reset always work

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