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How to increase fuliza limit from zero to 300, 500 or your own limit is a dream every new safaricom user would love to see come true. In this article we will also learn how to activate fuliza. Fuliza is a Safaricom service that allows one to make money transactions when you have low funds in your mpesa account. You may get access to funds more than one as long as you are within the Fuliza limit. Fuliza works in a way that the more you prove to be credit worthy the more your limit increases.

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how to hack fuliza

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How to increase fuliza limit from 500,

How to increase fuliza limit from 300,

So how does one hack fuliza ?

Lets take a bite on how to hack fuliza in tricks to increase fuliza limit

If you are curious to learn ways to increase fuliza limit from 500 or increase fuliza limit from zero then our trick on how to hack fuliza will come handy; follow below simple steps.

Step 1. Register with M-PESA with an active Safaricom sim card and to access this fuliza service.

Step 2. Dial *234# then select Fuliza M-PESA to enroll.

Step 3. On successful activation, new users are given limits that are increased over increased activity inclusive of your M-PESA transactions.

There seems to be a glitch in the Safaricom’s algorithm, or probably a useful bug. This has triggered a lot of comments and several people tried to replicate the trick. It was indeed possible, but chances are, the limit can increase or be reset back to zero. So, what is the trick? Very simply, Just Opt-out then opt back in. And get your Limit increased instantly.

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