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The small sized engine vehicles also commonly referred to as tududu have flooded the kenyan market in the recent years. Today we are reviewing how these vehicles are reliable in terms of consumption, spare parts availability, reliability, power, resale value, advantages and disadvantages.

The fight for tududu emperor’s throne. From online research, looks like the Nissan Note is closer to the throne. It has become so popular amongst Kenyan drivers. Also dont miss; Richest, safest cleanest and dangerous countries in Africa

Nissan Note

The Nissan Note appeals to both male and female clientele. It ticks all the boxes despite a harsh campaign against Nissan’s CVT. Nowadays, they say, the car infront of you is a Nissan Note.

Nissan Note

Is Nissan Note a good car?

The overhead composite camera is wonderful, it’s spacious, comfy, and useful, but the CVT transmission paired with the 1.2 supercharged engine is a complete failure. Without momentum on your side, the automobile cannot accelerate upward, not even a small slope. There is not enough torque.

Model nameNissan Note
Second hand/used priceBetween 400,000 -750,000ksh
Price in Kenya Shillings (New)1.2m
Engine Capacity1198cc
Maximum power78 bhp
Fuel Consumption26-30km per Litre

Honda fit

Honda fit is up for the throne too. Aided by its cool ride, spacious interior, its excellent hybrid system (excellent fuel economy)…has really made the diminutive Honda a hot sensation amongst Kenyans.

Honda fit

Is Honda Fit a good car?

With an average dependability rating of about 4.5 stars out of five, the Honda Fit routinely ranks among the top five subcompact vehicles, regardless of the model year.

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Which is better Honda Fit or Toyota Vitz?

The Toyota Vitz and Honda Fit are comparable to one another more often than not. The Toyota Vitz is somewhat more expensive than the Fit. The interior of the Honda Fit is also nicer, although it is still simple.

Model nameHonda Fit
Second hand/used priceRanges between 400,000 -750,000ksh
Price in Kenya Shillings (New)1.2m
Engine Capacity1300cc
Maximum power86 – 132ps
Fuel Consumption26km per Litre

Mazda Demio

Demio is also making a claim for the throne. Its sky active technology, non cvt transmission and a cool, beautiful exterior, and a posh or rather a bossy interior has really staked up points for this little kaslay queen.

Demio reviews

Is Mazda Demio a good car?

A well-liked vehicle with a solid record for dependability and fuel efficiency is the Demio. It performed well in ANCAP crash testing (4 stars) from a safety standpoint, but not as well in the most current Used Car Safety Ratings. However, as you hinted at, there is always a sacrifice when buying a secondhand automobile.

Which is better between demio and Nissan Note?

Fuel consumption of the Demio is between 20km/l to 30km/l while that of the Note is 14km/l to 26km/l, this largely depends on the engine you go for. Recent models of Mazda Demio have a 6-speed Transmission while the Nissan Note has a CVT transmission in most cases. On both cars, you can choose between 2WD or 4WD.

Model nameDemio
Engine Capacity1300cc
Price in Kenya (new)Around 1.2m
Maximum power83 – 116ps
Second hand (used) pricesVaries from 400,000 -750,000ksh
Fuel Consumption16 – 30km per litre

Suzuki swift

Suzuki swift, coming at a distant fouth but very close to the demio, almost tying. The swift shape appeals more to the male clientele amongst Kenyan buyers. The Suzuki swift sport is a little beast on the road.

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Is suzuki swift a reliable car?

The CNG engine is 1197 cc in size, compared to the Petrol engine’s 1197 cc. Both a manual and automatic gearbox are offered. The Swift’s mileage ranges from 23.2 kmpl to 30.9 km/kg, depending on the version and fuel type. The Swift is a 5 passenger, 4 cylinder vehicle with dimensions of 3845 mm in length, 1735 mm in width, and 2450 mm in wheelbase.

Model nameSuzuki Swift
Engine Capacity1197cc
Price in Kenya (new)Around 1.2m
Maximum power83 – 116ps
Second hand (used) pricesVaries from 350,000 -750,000ksh
Fuel Consumption16 – 32km per litre

Toyota vitz.

Its new numbers have really gone down on our roads. It’s popularity has really dwindled. Toyota’s reliability, which has acted as the major push for most of its models, has been challenged by the Honda brother. And its with this point, plus others maybe, that the Vitz has received a heavy beating from the Honda Fit, bringing the Vitz’s numbers down.

Toyota vitz
Model nameToyota Vitz
Engine Capacity1000cc
Price in Kenya (new)Around 1.3m
Maximum power83 – 116ps
Second hand (used) pricesVaries from 350,000 -750,000ksh
Fuel Consumption16 – 32km per litre

Is toyota Vitz a good car?

The Toyota Vitz is a car with a high market resale value. Since the vehicle is widely recognized for its dependability, longevity, and remarkable fuel economy in addition to its powerful engine, it has always been well-liked and sells quickly on the used car market.

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