The best Article writing jobs in Kenya that pays through mpesa and paypal

Academic writing jobs in kenya for beginners,

Many people perceive  Article writing jobs in Kenya as scam. However due to the corona virus pandemic, it has become necessary for Kenyan investors to look for opportunities in online business. As a result of this, different parties and organizations have ventured into the same.  Many organizations have come up with tactics to steal from the desperate investors who doesn’t know how to evade their traps and navigate through the online jobs.

What are  academic writing jobs for beginners?

As far as my research on article writing jobs in kenya,  I can guarantee you that there are only three online niches that I trust. Beginning from my most reliable source of income is The Academic Writing aka Article writing jobs .  You want to know how people lead luxurious lives just by doing academic writing In Kenya. Then follow this post closely as i unveil academic writing jobs for beginners in kenya. I will guide, mentor, train and even employ you in my firm. The second one is cryptocurrency which comprise of bitcoin mining, I will advise you not to invest in this for now without the appropriate knowledge, the last one is Forex trading, this one is more like gambling however more accurate than gambling. It is very easy to trade when you have been properly trained, imagine just purchasing a currency at a low price and selling it at a higher profit hence making profit. It is quite luxurious and I know many rich people who are politicians yet they have employed personnel to trade for them. A good example is Mic Mbuvi A.K.A Sonko.

Be clever or end up like the rest….

Many people have been scammed, first it came public opinion, and then the Amazon Web Worker, and this application were developed by some engineers for the purpose of scamming people. AWW has been the last one to crush with over 1.8 billion shillings, the app has then been deleted completely from the google database. So take precaution before wasting your finance. Avoid apps which claim to pay you without you doing any job, they tell you invest 550kshs and start earning every day, run away from them. If you must invest in them then invest only what you can afford to lose. Also invest immediately when launched then leave them after the first successful month.

The best Article writing jobs in Kenya that pays through mpesa and paypal

Academic writing jobs In Kenya

What is Academic writing?

When I first decided to venture into online business, I was after making quick money. What I realised is, you cannot make quick money without losing it. Take an example of betting, you may bet even over 20 times without winning a single bet but finally you end up winning once, now you might be excited for winning but when you calculate the profit you end up realizing that whatever you have spent is far more than what you have won. There is no gain without pain in this world unless if you want cult money but do you have the heart to sacrifice your loved ones? Of course NO, NO.

In the developed countries, people have money. You find that they take their kids to fancy schools, students in highs cools, colleges, and universities mostly do not do their assignments. They have plenty of money to party but don’t have the time to sit down and finish school work. Most of them end up graduating with first class honours, do you know why? It because people are being paid to do their assignments through Academic writing jobs In Kenya. That is what we call academic writing. Now how many unemployed graduates are there in Africa? Wake up, do not wait to be employed when you can be paid over 5 times the salary of your career.

Can anyone do academic writing? 

Of course anyone who has finished form four in Kenya can do academic writing through these online writing jobs in kenya that pay through mpesa, graduates have an added advantage because they might specialize in their career niche. In school everyone was writing essays, the same essay writing service can give you plenty of money and withdraw through Mpesa or Paypal. Imagine being paid over 300 kshs per page to write an essay, per day you can write a minimum of 10 pages. That is 3000 per day, and 90,000 per month, remember weekends are the most busy days so you can make more than that 3000 per day. That is how I got the money to buy bitcoin and invest in Forex trading.

Online writing jobs you can start today…

There are few things that you must master in order to be successful in academic writing. The educational systems used by the developed countries are very advanced, therefore if you intentionally carry information from the internet you can easily get caught, however where do we get the information to write? We just paraphrase from the internet but under special guidelines.

To start article writing jobs in kenya,

Know how to conduct research, master the formatting styles from APA to OSCOLA. Understand plagiarism and how evade it.

Are you interested in article writing jobs in kenya with these online writing jobs you can start today? Do you want independence from employers? Or you just want to make money at the comfort of your house and withdraw though m-pesa?

If yes, then this is your time. Enrol to either online or physical training centres we run in Kenya. CONTACA writers, we are located in Chuka, kibabii Bungoma and Lang’ata Nairobi. We will train you and give you jobs. Very cheap training service. At only 3k you are able to be trained and get limited access to jobs. Wake up and start making money, avoid scam apps because you must work in order to earn, for those in Kibabii university and area we are launching our offices so you can easily interact with the instructors. 

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